How To Hit 10k Followers On Instagram

Hi friends! I recently opened a Social Media Consulting business. This has been a long time coming. I absolutely love being able to work from home! I originally had a job offer doing social media for a magazine and their online store, but because of covid they could not hire me on. I took the time I had during quarantine and started the groundwork for my new company! My original plan was to strictly offer help through my blog and release an EBook, but after some consideration I decided to offer one on one coaching!

My new company is called TheBusyBCo! I am offering one on one coaching for bloggers/influencers looking to grow their audience and work with brands!

I have worked with so many amazing brands and I want to teach other women exactly how to do it! My background is in Digital Audiences. I am currently finishing up my degree in Communications. I like to tell people I basically major in Social Media!

One of my most recent partnerships!

In the past year I have grown my Instagram audience to more then 14K followers. I used a lot of different tactics to get to where I am now and now I am going to teach other women how to do it!

A Few of My Favorite Basic Tips On How To Grow On Instagram-

Be Authentic- Show your audience who you really are! Do you have a secret comedic side? Showcase that! People love to see what other people are passionate about.

Curate Your Feed- Take quality photos and use presets to make your whole feed look amazing.

Utilize Your Bio/Name- In my description I have my name and also AZ Blogger. This has helped me so much! When someone searches for a blogger in Arizona I will pop up. Having just your name isn’t as beneficial.

Use Hashtags- I use hashtags that help brands find me. I have been lucky enough to partner with some amazing companies who found me through relevant hashtags.

Engage With Others- Respond to all comments and be genuine! Comment on accounts you love and follow them. Engaging with accounts of a similar size will help with growth.

These are just some simple tips to help you keep growing your account! If you are interested in a consultation email me at

Xoxo, Chloe

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