New Life Update

Hi everyone! Life has been so crazy lately. I recently started a new job and I am adjusting to blogging and also working. I am in the office Monday Wednesday and Friday now, and it is completely different! I got used to only working from home and for myself. I am now doing social media and online retail for a small business!

I also just had a birthday February 13th! I turned 24 and celebrated by going to brunch with my boyfriend and then we went to happy hour with my best friends!

I have definitely stepped out of my comfort zone which is hard for me to do. I love that I have made some changes and keep on growing! I still plan on expanding my own business and growing that while working part time.

I am also taking coaching clients if you are interested in one on one coaching! For anyone looking for grow their social media and work with brands I help other bloggers step up their Instagram game and land the paid collaborations they are wanting.

What are your big life changes recently?

Xoxo, Chloe

How To Get More Story Views On Instagram

Like many bloggers and content creators, I can sometimes struggle with getting my content seen. I have been testing out ways to push my Instagram story out to more people. These tips actually really work and it have helped me so much!

1. Post at times when your engagement for your audience is higher. You can click on the live button to see how many people are on Instagram currently, that normally interact with your content.

2. Use up to 10 hashtags and also tag your location. These are pretty basic tips but they do help get your content seen by more people.

3. Wait 12 to 24 hours to post again, to try to boost your content when views are lower.

4. This is the game changer right here…after following those steps put up a poll as your first story. Usually when I get the most views it’s on the weekend when I wait 12 to 24 hours and then post a poll first. Instagram likes when you use their features and this really works!

I hope you found this super helpful and that you try it and it works for you. This has really helped me especially with Instagram testing out some different things. I have seen my engagement as well as many other bloggers engagement, go up and down. Try not to get discouraged and use these tips when you need a boost!

Xoxo, Chloe

How To Stay Motivated Blogging/On Instagram

This weeks post is a highly requested one. I’ve gotten asked on Instagram many times how I stay motivated to post and to keep creating content. The answer is actually pretty simple…I love it! I genuinely enjoy what I do. I have a great time meeting up with my blogger friends to shoot photos and I have gotten to work with some incredible brands.

Doing what I love motivates me! I know the harder I work and the more consistent I am the more opportunities I get. This job is all about what you make from it. This year has been an extremely hard one. With so many ups and downs this has been consistent for me. I have also been able to grow and get better at what it is that I do.

I have been lucky enough to work with some big brands and gotten chosen for some exciting collabs. Some of my favorite collaborations have been from companies who have reached out to me! They love my page and they pick me to advertise their product and that feels like such an honor.

I got to work with Stella Artois, and they picked me as their micro-influencer for their campaign. That felt absolutely amazing! I had such a great time learning how to work with a bigger company like theirs.

I decided I needed to help other women be able to work with brands and I started my one on one coaching page. I knew that, that wasn’t enough and maybe some people didn’t want one on one so I created an affordable EBook also to help them land paying collabs.

I stay motivated knowing I am making progress and growing. I love to write everything down and to look back and see how far I have come. I consistently add new goals to accomplish and that keeps me motivated.

If you are wanting one on one coaching go to my Instagram page-

If you just want the EBook-

I hope this helps someone and puts them on a path to success.

Xoxo, Chloe

How To Hit 10k Followers On Instagram

Hi friends! I recently opened a Social Media Consulting business. This has been a long time coming. I absolutely love being able to work from home! I originally had a job offer doing social media for a magazine and their online store, but because of covid they could not hire me on. I took the time I had during quarantine and started the groundwork for my new company! My original plan was to strictly offer help through my blog and release an EBook, but after some consideration I decided to offer one on one coaching!

My new company is called TheBusyBCo! I am offering one on one coaching for bloggers/influencers looking to grow their audience and work with brands!

I have worked with so many amazing brands and I want to teach other women exactly how to do it! My background is in Digital Audiences. I am currently finishing up my degree in Communications. I like to tell people I basically major in Social Media!

One of my most recent partnerships!

In the past year I have grown my Instagram audience to more then 14K followers. I used a lot of different tactics to get to where I am now and now I am going to teach other women how to do it!

A Few of My Favorite Basic Tips On How To Grow On Instagram-

Be Authentic- Show your audience who you really are! Do you have a secret comedic side? Showcase that! People love to see what other people are passionate about.

Curate Your Feed- Take quality photos and use presets to make your whole feed look amazing.

Utilize Your Bio/Name- In my description I have my name and also AZ Blogger. This has helped me so much! When someone searches for a blogger in Arizona I will pop up. Having just your name isn’t as beneficial.

Use Hashtags- I use hashtags that help brands find me. I have been lucky enough to partner with some amazing companies who found me through relevant hashtags.

Engage With Others- Respond to all comments and be genuine! Comment on accounts you love and follow them. Engaging with accounts of a similar size will help with growth.

These are just some simple tips to help you keep growing your account! If you are interested in a consultation email me at

Xoxo, Chloe