Top 10 List Of Feel Good Activities

Hi friends,

This time that we are living in can be kind of crazy and stressful! I know so many people feels drained at the end of the day. It can be hard to be on social media or to watch or listen to the news.

I decided this was the perfect time to put together a list of my favorite feel good activities!

1. Picking Up a Good Book

This is always a great go to activity. Reading a good book can lower your stress levels and distract your mind. When I need some serious stress relief I always choose a fiction book. I also like to read “self help” books when I need a pick me up. Preferably ones that are humorous!

2. Declutter Your Space + Sell Things

I love to do a deep closet clean out! I feel better getting rid of old stuff. I also put a bunch of things for sale online and donate other items! This is a great way to have a mental reset!

3. Journal and Gratitude

I like to write down things I’m grateful for and also make a list of goals I am trying to accomplish! I personally use the Start Today Journal.

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4. Binge Watch a Feel Good Show

I love watching shows that make me feel light and happy. I enjoy Hart of Dixie and Bless this Mess. Everyone has some sort of show that relaxes them!

5. Take a Walk

Going outside and getting some fresh air usually brings me a lot of peace and clarity. This is unfortunately really hard to do here in AZ in the summer because you feel like you are trapped inside an oven!

6. Create a New Playlist

I love finding and creating new playlists on Spotify. There’s something really relaxing about just scrolling and looking for new songs!

7. All Of The Oils + Bathtime

Take a bath with some Epsom salts and lavender. Or try out a combination of oils! I love to turn down the lights and listen to some music and enjoy some aromatherapy!

8. Meditation + Yoga

Before the pandemic hit I started going to yoga a lot more and it was amazing! Thankfully you can find yoga classes online for free! I still also try to meditate and either lay on the floor or just sit and close my eyes for a while.

9. Get Creative!

I love doing arts and crafts and fun things like that. It makes you feel like a kid again in a really great way! Painting and drawing are always so much fun and you can do it alone or with someone!

10. Create a Vision Board

I absolutely love vision boards! You can make one on Pinterest and pin all sorts of things or you can do one by hand and get super creative with it. I have always liked cutting stuff out and putting it on a board to see.

I hope this inspires you and that you take some time just for yourself.

Xoxo, Chloe

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