My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 Picks

Hi everyone! I’m back with another post all about the Nordstrom sale. This is the best sale ever in my opinion. It is so unique and the deals are incredible. I put together some photos that are linked in my to be able to shop the sale when it is released! Currently they only have the preview, so you are able to see what items will be in the sale.

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Beauty Favorites

I included some makeup favorites as well as products that are on my wish list!

I absolutely love St. Tropez. That was the first self tanner I ever used. I’m also incredibly obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury.

Fashion Favorites

So many fall and winter transition pieces!

I love Spanx and if you have been wanting to try them out now is the time! They are on sale for about $30 less than they normally are. I also included some popular sweaters and also a Rails plaid shirt. These are always a favorite for everyone in the sale. High end jeans are another great purchase. I got my favorite pair last year in the sale for a great price.


Boots and booties are always great to get at this time because they are such an incredible deal! I also love picking up some nice sneakers that I wouldn’t normally buy at full price.

Random Favorites

The blanket I included was my favorite from last years sale.

Now is the time to pick up accessories and other things you have been wanting! I know a lot of people who do a little Christmas shopping during this sale because the prices are so great on stuff they want to buy later on. I highly highly recommend grabbing one of these blankets. They are super soft and also make a great gift!

I absolutely can’t wait to shop this sale! If you want more information on how the sale works and when it is check out my last blog post for all of those details!

Happy Shopping!

Xoxo, Chloe

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