The Most Underrated TV Shows

Selling Sunset (Netflix)

This show is The Real Housewives meets Million Dollar Listing. It follows a group of real estate agents and all of their drama! So far it has two seasons but the third comes out in August!

Virgin River (Netflix)

Small town vibes. Kind of like a darker Hart of Dixie! Only one season so far. Based off of a book series.

Heartland (Netflix)

Although this show has TONS of seasons I still feel like it is underrated. Based in Canada on a ranch, this show follows along with Amy as she navigates friendships and family while working with troubled horses. This is one of my all time favorites.

Longmire (Netflix)

This show is about a small town sheriff and his deputies. It takes place in Wyoming (which I love) and keeps you completely entertained!

The OA (Netflix)

This will have you questioning everything happening. It’s almost like watching Inception. Totally makes you think! Not one of those shows that you put on as background noise. I can’t even explain the premise of it.

Godless (Netflix)

The Wild Wild West! The Town is almost all women and they will protect their town from ruthless cowboys until the end! It’s a must watch.

Single Parents (Hulu)

This show is hilarious and has a great cast. Even the child actors in it are amazing! It’s about a group of single parents just trying to get through life.

Siren (Hulu)

Siren (2018) is about a small town and the legends that are actually reality. Mermaids exist and a small group of humans befriend one in particular.

The Great (Hulu)

This show is new to Hulu. It is absolutely hilarious but also twisted. It is somewhat based off of historical events. I think everyone needs to watch it!

Bless This Mess (Hulu)

Apparently some of the best shows take place in a small town! This is one of my happy shows. Amazing cast and plot line. The main characters inherit a farm and Nebraska and try to learn how to transition from living in New York City to a small town!

Honorable Mention- Yellowstone (Paramount Network)

This show is not as well know as it could be because it is not on Netflix or Hulu. It is also one of my favorites! It takes place in Montana on a large ranch. It follows along with a very complicated family and their struggles with keeping their ranch and the family together.

Xoxo, Chloe

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