Fun Date Nights

Date nights are so important in a relationship! We all know this. I love going out and doing fun different things with my boyfriend. I created a list of dates that are different than your typical movie and dinner night.

1. Take a cooking class together- If you’re anything like me you need some help in the kitchen sometimes and I have been really wanting to try a class at Sur La Table.

2. Stargazing + Snacks- This is a fun one and something I love doing with my boyfriend. It’s really relaxing to sit outside and look up at the stars and just talk and enjoy each other’s company.

3. Make a charcuterie board- This one is super simple. Take time to put together a fun board and then sit and enjoy it together. This is a twist on just a regular dinner date.

4. Couples Massage- This is one of my favorites…a nice relaxing day is exactly what you need sometimes.

5. Comedy Show- I love this date idea because it is a different kind of entertainment and something you guys can talk about and joke about later too.

6. Have a picnic- Pick a spot you both love, pack foods you both like, and enjoy the day!

7. Go to a market- I love farmers markets and I think this could be a really fun date idea for people who like to browse and buy stuff. There are also other markets besides a farmers market to choose from!

8. Take the enneagram/love language quiz- This is a really easy night in and is great for bonding time together!

9. Game Night- You can do so many different things with this one! Go out for trivia, stay in and choose a two player game, have a couples game night, there are so many options!

10. Painting/Arts and Crafts- Have your own paint and sip night! Get some canvas and paint and try to follow along with something easy.

I hope that gave you some ideas for your next date night!

Xoxo, Chloe

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