Girls Trip to Flagstaff

This weekend I went to an event for the blogging group that I am in. It was nine girls + me in a house in Flagstaff, Arizona! We were lucky to stay in my beautiful friend Kate’s family’s home for the weekend to be able to shoot content and bond!

We were able to fit in a lot of content creating in just two days! It was so fun to celebrate Galintines Day with all the blogger babes + creators!

@desertstyleblog thanks for being the best GALINTINE!

Friday night was all about the Gal’s! We set up places to take some cute photos and get some great content! A local pizza place made us heart shaped pizzas to top off all the other cute Valentines themed goodies. We finished off the night by playing The Voting Game which was really fun!

Saturday was a relaxation day. We had a free day to get done what we needed to such as blog posts or anything else. We were able to take some cute photos in the snow after and meet up with everyone else for Tacos!

It was so fun to get out of Phoenix for the weekend and spend time getting to know all the women in the group! I can’t wait for my next trip to Flag!

Xoxo, Chloe

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