Insurance For Your Instagram?! Game Changer!

Hi everyone! Today we have a super exciting blog post. I know so many of us worry about our social media getting hacked and losing that income until we are able to get it back. I know it’s a huge concern for me, especially since that is how I make my income.

That’s where Notch comes in! They are insurance for your Instagram. How cool is that? With so many accounts getting hacked every single day – even those with two factor authentication set up – this is really a must have for a creator.

If you insure your account with Notch, you get: 

  • Real time monitoring. They constantly check for suspicious activity and alert you immediately if they detect something. 
  • Crisis management. If you get hacked, Notch’s team will help you retrieve your account ASAP. 
  • Financial safety net. For every day you’re locked out of your account (for up to 90 days), Notch will pay you to cover your loss of income

Not only that, but you can even make more money from brands by insuring your account. 85% of marketers said they’d pay extra to work with a creator with social media insurance, because it helps alleviate their concerns about brand safety.

For business-savvy creators, this seems like a no-brainer. 

You can get your free quote now by clicking this link – it starts from just $8 a month.

If you are wanting peace of mind when it comes to your Instagram account, be sure to check out Notch! It is such a relief not to have to worry as much about what would happen for me if my account was hacked. I invested in Notch in case anything were to happen to my account! I know so many girls on Instagram that have been hacked and I was always scared that it would happen to me. Now I feel a lot more comfortable in case someone ever tries!

Be sure to watch my reel for additional information on what Notch is and why you should be using it is a creator.



*This post was sponsored by Notch, all opinions are my own.

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