Amazing Lash Studio Brow Products

Hi friends! Today on the blog we are talking about BROWS! This post will be all about Amazing Lash Studios new eyebrow products. The Raise Some Brows Line has all of the products you need to achieve the brow you are wanting!

The first product on my list is the Tinted Gel W/ Fibers. The fibers create instant fullness! It helps to fill in sparse areas and tame unruly brows. This product is $19.

Next up is the Eyebrow Pomade! This product creates bold defined brows. It is long lasting and water resistant! Priced at $20.

The Tattoo Brow Pen is a dual sided product that can do thin or thick lines. It is also water resistant! This product is $16.

Up next is my personal favorite! The Precise Brow Pencil is great for drawing precise lines. It is sweat proof and water proof! Has a nutrient rich blend to promote healthy hair. Priced at $19.

Pictured above are some examples for what the brows will look like with each product! As you can see each product is a little different, which makes it easy to figure out what product will work best for you!

Shades include- Ash Blonde, Auburn, Dark Brown, Black/Brown. This varies based on the product. The line also includes a few additional products!

*This post is sponsored by Amazing Lash Studio.

Xoxo, Chloe

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