Road Trip to Wyoming Packing List

Hi friends! Tomorrow I am leaving for Wyoming and I just finished packing up all of my stuff! One thing I love about driving is that I can throw whatever I need in the car!

I made a basic list that will hopefully help if you are traveling this summer! I am going from Arizona to Wyoming so it will be much cooler. I can’t wait to have to wear a jacket at night honestly!

I purchased this luggage last summer while I was doing a lot of traveling and it is the best! It’s super cute and was a TJ Maxx find.

Our drive is 15 hours so I packed some entertainment and also made sure to bring a cooler full of snacks!

I am not a light packer for sure and I like having a couple extra options! We are going for just under a week and I made sure to bring a variety depending on the weather and what I could need during the day vs at night!

I hope this list was helpful to anyone doing some road tripping!

Xoxo, Chloe

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