Commonly Asked Questions

Hi friends! Today I wanted to answer my most commonly asked questions I get on Instagram!

Q: Do you have extensions?

A: I do! I wrote a whole blog post all about my extensions! I absolutely love them. They are 22in and I get 100 strands.

Q: What curling iron do you use?

A: I use a 1in Remington wand. I don’t like the wands with the clamps! It’s easier for me to wrap it around and get the curl I want that way.

Q: What do you do for work?

A: Too many things! I am a student, I do social media, I own race horses, watch kids…I was just about to start a new job doing social media for a company when COVID-19 started.

Q: Where do you go to take your photos?

A: I live in Arizona and I think it’s an amazing place to get photos. There are so many opportunities to take a great picture. I like trying new coffee shops around Scottsdale for photos + taking advantage of all the great outdoor scenery’s!

Q: Where were you in the photos outdoors (over summer) ?

A: I went to Dubois, Wyoming over summer and got to stay at an amazing ranch called the Wiggins Fork. It’s in the middle of nowhere and so beautiful!

Q: How many horses do you have?

A: Almost too many to count! About 13 at the moment. The horse that I rides name is Ed. He’s my baby!

Q: What foundation do you use?

A: I have used the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation for YEARS. It is my all time favorite!

Q: Do you have lash extensions?

A: Yes I do! I get volume lash extensions and I absolutely love them! I have been getting my lashes done for years.

Q: Any date night recommendations around Phoenix/Scottsdale?

A: Tons!! I have written multiple other blog posts about date nights. Scottsdale has some amazing restaurants to eat at and so many fun activities!

These are just some of the questions that I get! I would love to do another post answering any other questions that you have.

Xoxo, Chloe

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