The Most Binge Worthy Tv Shows

I am a huge fan of taking time to chill out and watch TV. It is one of my favorite forms of decompressing. I have binged a lot of shows and I have some that I always enjoy and some I’ve even rewatched a few times.


Grace and Frankie- This duo cracks me up. I love watching these two when I want something light and funny.

Schitt’s Creek- One of my favorite shows. This cast is absolutely amazing and hilarious! 10 out of 10 would recommend!

The Witcher- Really fun Netflix fantasy. Keeps you entertained. I binged it in only a couple days!

Gilmore Girls- I have watched this series many more times and never get tired of it! Whenever I’m sick I always put this on and it helps entertain me and bring me some comfort!

Hart of Dixie- One of my favorites to rewatch again. It always puts a smile on my face and is also one of my favorite shows to have on in the background.

Outlander- My favorite show. Historical and beautiful l. I absolutely love everything about this drama.


Single Parents- This show never fails to make me laugh and entertain me. Great cast and the kids are adorable!

Bless This Mess- Dax Shepherd never fails to make me laugh. I love the concept of this show.

Prodigal Son- Dark and funny! The main character and his serial killer father are a dynamic duo.

Perfect Harmony- A quick and funny show about a choir director and the church choir he turns around.

Almost Family- Great cast! Different than some of the other dramas that are out there.


Yellowstone- One of my favorite shows. Dramatic and dark but also kinda funny and entertaining. Really well done!

The Last Cowboy- If you like horses or cowboys this is a fun show!

Katy Keene- Funny and dramatic. New to the CW. Similar vibe to river dale without all the darkness.

Nancy Drew- Newer to the CW. Kinda a scary twist on the Nancy Drew we know and love.

Xoxo, Chloe

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