My Top 3 Podcasts

About a year ago I started really getting into podcasts. I have three podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis and they are all very different!

The first podcast that I listen to is Pretty Basic. This podcast is done by YouTubers Alisha and Remi. They both have millions of followers and talk all about YouTube, friendships, business, and so much more! This may be my favorite podcast to listen to. I followed both of them on YouTube for a long time and when they came out with a podcast together I was so excited!

The next podcast that I listen to is RISE. This is a podcast by Rachel Hollis. She is an entrepreneur who talks all about the struggles she has done through on her journey. She also has a couple amazing books out there.

The last podcast I want to talk about is Fallon Taylor’s podcast. Fallon has been a role model for a long time. She talks about life, horses, and business. Her podcast episodes are always very inspirational!

I highly recommend checking out these amazing women! They all have really fun entertaining podcasts. I love listening while I drive, it makes the time go by fast!

Xoxo, Chloe

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