My Holiday Gift Guide For Everyone on Your List

Shopping for everyone on your list can be a little tricky but there are three places that I guarantee you will find something at- Target, Nordstrom, and of course Amazon!

For the women in your life you can’t go wrong with something customized! You can customize pretty much anything! Do they drink wine? You can customize a wine glass! Are they obsessed with writing in a planner or journal? You can customize that!

Next I would say get them something that smells good! This can be a candle or perfume or some stuff from Lush! I personally love receiving perfume for Christmas because I don’t love splurging on it for myself, so it’s an amazing gift to get!

Third I love giving and receiving cozy things! Blankets and fuzzy socks or even comfy sweaters! For my boyfriends birthday I got him a fuzzy blanket from Nordstrom that is so soft and such good quality! In Nordstrom they also currently have someone there monogramming those blankets! I think that adds a nice extra touch for a gift.

I always say men are a little harder to shop for…being a woman I feel like I can figure out what the women in my life would like based off of things I’ve seen or would also like to receive myself! This year I got my dad a throw blanket for his sofa and A Star is Born on dvd because he hasn’t seen the new one yet. His birthday is right before Christmas and I got him a customized money clip with something funny engraved on it. I found the money clip on Amazon and it was really reasonably priced!

I won’t say what I got my boyfriend just in case he decided to keep up with my blog. But after I got all of his gifts together I found a lot of things I thought he would like! One thing was a back massager. There are so many different options out there for massagers. You can get a chair massager or one that’s much smaller. Another great gift is a gift card to a spa for a massage!

Gift cards can be a great option and some people say they are impersonal but I always love getting them! It’s also fun if you can throw together something to go with the gift card! You can easily make it really personal to the person you are buying for!

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